Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Start, New Attitude?????

WHEW!!!!! I could not push 2008 out the door fast enough. What a disappointing, heartbreaking year it had been. Dealing with sickness, death, family turmoil, ending a life long friendship and the entire "infertility journey" has drained me. More like sucked the life right out of me!!

The purpose of this blog is to communicate with others about infertility. I honestly believe that "it takes one to know one". Unless you have traveled this road, you can not possibly relate to the ups and downs, humor(yes.......humor!) and hopelessness that this journey can create. Family, friends, and sometimes even my loving husband can not possibly understand what a difficult ride this has been for me. I'm hoping to share my experience with others as well as educate myself along the way. I have learned so much from the on-line network of other "infertiles", it has inspired me to create my own CONFESSIONS. As I continue my quest for Motherhood, I thought you may want to laugh and cry with me along the way........
Todays Confession:
I must admit......I AM REALLY BIG ON FAIR!!!! Yeah yeah yeah, I know "life is not fair". But how much unfairness can one person take in a lifetime???? With each failed procedure, negative test, friend that got pregnant on the first try, or my all time favorite "we weren't even trying....SURPRISE" pregnancy announcement, I wonder how much more I can handle. In a way it has made me try harder. On the other hand it has made me an angry, desperate, miserable, depressed, sad human being. Between my husband and I, EVERYONE is having or just had a baby. Seriously.......not even exaggerating that point! Not to mention that 2 very close friends of mine conceived in the same months of my 2 failed IVF's. And the best part.....I get to listen to them complain, moan and groan, and whine about every part of being pregnant as they progress towards my would have been due dates. SERIOUSLY!!!! Can someone please explain the fairness in that?????!!!!
I will try to end each post with a quote......hopefully they will be inspirational or funny, but that depends on my mood for the day! And we know how that goes, it swings from Jekyll to Hyde on a daily basis.

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