Monday, January 5, 2009

Missing the Christmas Tree.........

It really is funny how little things like taking down the Christmas decorations can trigger such a painful memory!!!!!!! And this is my confession of the day.......Holidays for TTC couples SUCK!!!!!

Let me explain.......2006 was such an exciting year!!!!!!
***DH and I were engaged in April
***The very next week we moved into our beautiful new home, finally!!!!! (it had to be gutted and re-built after Hurricane Katrina, we had been working on it since Oct 2005......)
***married on the beach in October, 2006
***off BCP in November, 2006
Which brings us to Christmas 2006. We were so excited and confident during that holiday season that next year, we would be expecting. I vividly remember telling DH when we were taking down the decorations "next year our lives will be so different........."

Christmas 2007.............I could not have cried another tear. So many of my friends were expecting or had just given birth and I was a "Holiday Mess." So that January when we were once again hauling ornaments and decorations upstairs, I put the bad "gris gris" on us......... I said that 2008 was going to be the year for us! We finally knew what we were dealing with and thank goodness for the technology to make it happen. Fast forward to......

Christmas 2008........let's just say we were not in the "holiday spirit".......we honestly had such an awful year, we were wondering if we should just let this season pass us bye bye bye. Forget the tree and Christmas cards.......what's the point???? Who wants to see another picture of us and the dogs????? But I insisted on decorating the most perfect tree I could find. We looked at it night after night...........What a beautiful sight!!!!!!! And I cried, night after night.......

This week as I was packing away the ornaments, lights, decorations and most important "the year 2008", I can not help but wonder what next year has in store for us?????

My quote for the day...."Ones best success comes after their greatest disappointments.” Henry Ward Beecher.

So I can't help but wonder........Am I on the path to my "best success" in giving CCRM a chance, or am I going to continue along the path of my "greatest disappointments"??????????????????

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  1. Hello there! You have not been around for awhile, so I hope all is well. And I've tagged you to encourage you to post once back to my blog/post from today. You have an eloquent way of writing about your feelings....don't give up, there are many of us here who can relate!